About Us

Empire is a new retail outlet based in the hearth of the primiere business road of The Gambia - Karaiba Avenue. We are a modern outlet that specialises in sourcing and selling the best of universal brands.

Whether you looking for a luxury house spining sofa, top of the range refrigerator, exclusive garden furniture, electrical or pluming appliances you can be sure that Empire can and always has the answer.

We also have a strong established business in the UK (UK Graded Stock Limited); which successfully manages over £1 million pounds worth of products annually. Regarded by our customers as specialist in our field we have built long standing relationships with our partners and are always continually seeking to establish new relationships.

Our excellent relationship with UK manufacturers and High Street Retail Outlets, means that we are firmly positioned to give Whole Saler's, Retailer's, Exporter's and Consumer's high street return products at a snipe of the price their would otherwise pay in any other Gambian outlet.

Empire's, aims to create a brand in the Gambia that is based on High Ethics, High Quality and a very high standard orientation.


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